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Join us this Saturday from 2:30 to 4:30 pm at the People's Choice in Waukegan off Grand Avenue for a quiz/balance challenge and a treat. Meet some of the other Coaches and learn about our program.

About Us

About the Program

Based in Zion, Drills And Skills Youth Basketball is a small but dedicated basketball club that offers basketball classes to all ages. We believe in "Look Beyond Winning" in all phases, the process is our main focus and not the result. If you have great training and practice habits the results will come. We run exciting recreational training for all levels of ability, from beginners to competitive ballers. Our sports instructors believe in safe, fun and enjoyable shooting and dribbling activities that will inspire and motivate a new generation to come. Please get in touch with us at 1 224-268-2854 for more information about our classes or facilities.

Our mission

We have 1 primary mission here at Drills2Skills, to have a positive impact on the players and parents while giving back to the community around us. With that goal in mind a portion of every activity is given back to the Waukegan Park District or the organization where the events take place. That goal is first, teaching the game comes second. Our pricing allows for our goal to be reached; provide quality equipment and facilities. Our program has many exciting features and we would love to discuss them more with you today.

Focus on the process. Not the result

At Drills 2 Skills Basketball, we believe in mastering the process and using the results as a measuring stick. All great shooters have 1 thing in common, that is complete control over their mechanics. That is not something your born with, you have to work at it If you have complete control, you can fix your shot or any other element of your game quickly..

More then just Volunteer Coaches

All the Coaches and program assistants are volunteers here at Drills 2 Skills. We do this because we love to do it, our reward is the impact made on the youth; parents and community around us. Being a Volunteer Coach is something to we are all proud, but being a quality Volunteer Coach is required here. All of us played at various levels and love to teach this game, but we took extra steps. All Coaches are certified by the National Alliance of Youth Sports or USA Basketball. This extra training insures quality coaching is always in place and also provides background clearance for all Coaches in the program. Below is the link for their main website, please check their site out. NAYS.org It is a privilege to be a Youth Coach for all of us, we do not take the honor and responsibility lightly. This required for all Coaches in our program. Each Coach will have his or her own style of course and teach in their own way, but the techniques and philosophies will be the same. It is a wonderful thing to be able to pass our knowledge down to your child and thank you for that privilege.

Individual Work; Clinic and Camp Program Details

Wether you enrolled in individual work; Clinics or the 5 week camp you will improve if the effort is given. We use interval style training on all these levels to simulate a game environment. Go full speed for a short time, then slow down and focus on great technique. Over time improvement will come and more shots will fall.

Drills 2 Skills 5 week Camp

Our best value and biggest impact on the player is the Drills 2 SKills Camps. This is a challenging 5 week long program that will have sweat; fun and tons of new information for the young player. See the bottom section for full details on the camp features. Please note you must have good attendance to be eligible for the final 2 events. We understand that things happen, but you cannot just show up on the first and last days and be eligible. It is not fair to the players who have worked hard. We offer a wide range of options and hope one of programs fits your needs. I look forward to talking with you in the future. Head Coach/Administrator: William Stenson III

The Step Out Rule

During drills there are times when the kids get confused or frustrated. Since everyone learns at a different pace, even the most gifted player has this happen. Our program allows the player to step out of the drill if confused. They will step out, raise their hand and be waved over by a Coach. The Coach will then verbally walk them through the drill while the player watches. When the are ready, they can return to the drill or continue to watch and learn. This allows the student to express their feelings and learn at the same time.

The 4 F'S of our program

We have a set of guidelines that are called the 4 F'S. If the player follows them they will always succeed in some way on the court. 1) Have Fun out there. -This is a game after all and meant to be fun. Enjoy playing the game and try to do it well. 2) Focus on how you play. - If you focus on playing well in practice, a game is just a little faster and you can excel in both. If you want great results to focus on how you play and always look to improve. 3) Play with Fire in you heart and soul. - Play with intensity; drive and passion out there. Give every ounce of energy on every play that you can and then do it again. 4) Make Friends. - Be a good teammate and make new friends. It is allot more fun to play with your friends then strangers.

1 place equals 1 price

We do not charge any Non Resident fees here at Drills 2 Skills Basketball. No one should have to pay a extra $10 or more just because you don't live in Waukegan or the venue location. We will always be 1 price for everyone.


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$20.00 per hour

Individual Coaching


Wether you are new to the game or loojing to improve, we are here to help. We focus on doing the techniques well here over doing a million drills. The process is always first, the result is second. With extra training; certification and never ending belief in you results will come. Join us at Drills 2 Skills today.

Group Clinics


2.5 hour sessions that introduce motion offense; review dribbling techniques, proper shooting form and defensive techniques as a team and individual. At our clinics everyone works with a buddy during drills and are expected to give them constructive criticism. Teammates always help eachother out, our program maintains that standard. You can always improve as a player in some way, wether it is the Coaches or with your teammate. We sweat; learn and have fun. Join us today at Drills 2 Skills.

Basketball Camp


A 5 week camp that is fun and challenging. Join us for a camp like no other and become the best player you can be. In the first four weeks you will receive: 1) 2.5 hour training session with NAYS Certified Coaches. 2) 30 minutes of individual training also available. 3) Live scrimmage using the 20 minute half format. Referees; parents and fun. 4) Automatic entry into the Stenson-Duddleston Skills Challenge during week 5. The following events will be happening there: -DJ -FOOD -TROPHIES -3 POINT CHALLENGE -VARIOUS COMPETIONS -RAFFLES -PLAYER INTRODUCTIONS Championship Game: The final day of our program ends with a Championship tournament. The following format will be used. 1) 4 teams play eachother 2) Winners play for the 1st and 2nd place trophies. 3) Non winning teams play for 3rd and 4th place trophies. Ceremony will take place after Championship game goes final. Players will also get to keep uniforms and presentation of MVP Trophy plus Team MVT Trophy.

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