Price List

Basketball Coaching

Individual Coaching


Wether you are new to the game or loojing to improve, we are here to help. We focus on doing the techniques well here over doing a million drills. The process is always first, the result is second. With extra training; certification and never ending belief in you results will come. Join us at Drills 2 Skills today.

Group Clinics


2.5 hour sessions that introduce motion offense; review dribbling techniques, proper shooting form and defensive techniques as a team and individual. At our clinics everyone works with a buddy during drills and are expected to give them constructive criticism. Teammates always help eachother out, our program maintains that standard. You can always improve as a player in some way, wether it is the Coaches or with your teammate. We sweat; learn and have fun. Join us today at Drills 2 Skills.

Basketball Camp


A 5 week camp that is fun and challenging. Join us for a camp like no other and become the best player you can be. In the first four weeks you will receive: 1) 2.5 hour training session with NAYS Certified Coaches. 2) 30 minutes of individual training also available. 3) Live scrimmage using the 20 minute half format. Referees; parents and fun. 4) Automatic entry into the Stenson-Duddleston Skills Challenge during week 5. The following events will be happening there: -DJ -FOOD -TROPHIES -3 POINT CHALLENGE -VARIOUS COMPETIONS -RAFFLES -PLAYER INTRODUCTIONS Championship Game: The final day of our program ends with a Championship tournament. The following format will be used. 1) 4 teams play eachother 2) Winners play for the 1st and 2nd place trophies. 3) Non winning teams play for 3rd and 4th place trophies. Ceremony will take place after Championship game goes final. Players will also get to keep uniforms and presentation of MVP Trophy plus Team MVT Trophy.
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